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CrossFit Sarasota
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CrossFit Sarasota was founded in 2008 when CrossFit was a small community of gyms not the world wide phenomenon it is today.

With out the huge name recognition and coverage on ESPN and lacking a marketing budget, we opened in a small 800 square foot space in south Sarasota.  We built our gym on reputation and word of mouth believing that if you show people the path to true fitness and better health they will bring their friends. By building those friends into a community we would be a part of people’s lives for a long time and not only would we have a healthy business but we would have business that we could be proud of.

A lot has changed since 2008 we have grown. We have moved gyms twice to finally settle in at our 5000 square foot location on Barber Road. Our membership has grown to more than ten times what we had after month one. We have added to and upgraded everything from the facility to the website.

What hasn’t changed is our defining principles. We are still dedicated to teaching true fitness to real people and building a community to inspire them.

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Move Well. Eat Well. Live Well.



“Great coaching, great programs and classes, and the best athletic family out there!!

– Jenika Jordans

“Love the members and coaches! Coaches always demonstrate proper techniques to avoid injuries.”

– Shauna Stobbs-Bultema

“Unique gym , unique coaches , unique people & unique workouts in a unique town!”

– Peter Csepregi

“This place is amazing and the coaching and support is top notch well done team.”

– David Bowles




Matt’s been doing CrossFit since before it was cool. He runs the location off Barber Road where before or after any given class you’re bound to hear someone ask a question like, “Tell me again why I can’t eat that?” or “why is my shoulder hurting right here?”

“Well…” he will begin, and soon a captive audience of sweaty CrossFitters will gather around to hear the answer explained in the context of science.

This encyclopedic knowledge of biomechanics, Olympic lifting and biochemistry has earned him, not only a premier name in technical coaching and nutrition, both regionally and nationally, but also his nickname around the gym: our walking encyclopedia.

News of Matt’s expertise has spread beyond our quiet town, he has been sought out by CrossFit owners nationwide for instruction and has developed custom programming used by athletes around the country. Even ABC’s hit series, “the Biggest Loser,” contacted Matt for assistance.

“The whole thing started while sitting in Weimar Hall at the University of Florida. It was the first day of Sociology my freshman year. In explaining the difference between psychology and sociology the professor altered my life forever. ‘Psychology is a downstream approach…they try to pull drowning people out of the river. In sociology we want to know why they fell into the river in the first place.’ While I never took another sociology class the idea of saving people downstream resonated. There are people who will help you if you get sick but I wanted to stop people from hitting the water in the first place.” he says.

When asked to describe Matt, one of our athletes wrote: “It’s rare you find someone with his depth of knowledge  hanging out in an open warehouse all day lifting weights or reading books on endocrinology. He pushes hard and praises sparingly. So when he looks you in the eye and says, “good” you know it means something and it makes you want to work harder.”

When he’s not coaching, Matt spends his time training and competing in everything from Olympic Weightlifting to Ultramarathons. He is also a proud member of Team Unscared.

Matt is a proud Florida Gator holding certifications in CrossFit, endurance, gymnastics and was completed the first ever USAW sports performance certification. He’s even earned the prestigious honor of being an ambassador for Lululemon.



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Community Before Profits

Community is vital for health, performance and even for business. Putting community before profits ensures we will have long term success in all of those areas.