As adults most of us don’t play a lot of sports. Our main sport is life so for us there is no real off season. While competitive CrossFitters and sports-based athlete go through very distinct cycles in there training we generally don’t or didn’t. Sure we had focuses that you may or may not have seen but basically we were trying to slowly improve or elements of fitness at the same time year round.

It works but it becomes formulaic sometimes. So over the past several months we have been experimenting with ways to improve this. The goal is to always maintain a g

Wrong show but the viking theme works.

reat general level of fitness but to have some subtle cycle shifts more like professional exercisers or athletes.

What came out of that was a three cycle program. Each cycle will vary in length from 6-8 weeks and progress in a order. These cycles , while similar to those designed for sport specific training, will be far less drastic in terms of training. In other words there may be more focus on conditioning in one cycle but we won’t forget to hit the strength.  Luckily for you I was reading (listening to) Saxon Stories when I was naming the new cycles so they all ended up with cool names.



1. The Forge

This is where we will lay the foundation for the rest following cycles. This is where our sword will be forged.  There will be more of a focus on pure strength and skills on this cycle. Expect 3-4 days of lifts and fewer emoms. Also, generally we will have fewer long wods with more skill work.

  1. Sharpen the Sword

We just put down a solid foundation in our first cycle now its time to start working those skills into some high heart rate pieces. We will still do heavy strength 2-3 days a week but we will focus more on timed lifting and conditioning with our skills.

  1. Viking

In this phase we will take our strength and conditioning over the last two cycles and put it to work. We have the skills and strength built up so we will put them to use.  This cycle will include less traditional strength and more on the minute lifting with some that include conditioning. Our Gymnastic skills will be done in a conditioning format and we will have more multiple  metcon days.