Our goal is to have a level of broad and inclusive fitness. Put another way we want to be ready for all of life’s challenges, to prepare for the known and the unknown, to be strong and fast and yet have the endurance and flexibility to conquer things other people train specifically for.

It is easy in pursuit of that goal to get lost, especially in CrossFit. Greg Everett said a few years ago “being prepared for any random task is not the same as preparing randomly for any task” This is why our programming is divided into cycles.

Last week we started a new cycle which means you should have logged some numbers. I’m guessing about 10% of you did that. So to help you understand why its important to track and what our cycle goals are I will post to the blog at the start of each cycle.

12 weeks starting April 29th

  • Strength
    • Improved Back Squat and Push Press 1rm strength.
  • Power
    • The Clean and Jerk
  • Oly Class
    • Snatch technique
  • Metabolic Conditioning
    • Murph and Diane
  • Skills
    • Handstand
    • Overhead Squats
    • Strict Chin ups

Some or most of this we tested last week. Diane is this week but that won’t be the main focus until after memorial day.