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February 2019

Keeping Track: Paper or Digital


Now that we tackled the why of workout tracking in the first post we need to track the how.  There are basically two decisions that have to be made before we begin. The first decision is frequency and content. Decision  two. The format What format you use basically boils down to paper vs electronic. Inside [...]

Keeping Track: Paper or Digital2019-02-11T12:45:07+00:00

Keeping Track: What to track


Journaling is not a one size fits all activity. Some people need to log everything, others need a bare minimum. That decision is partly about your goals as the business school maxim "you manage what you measure" is true in this situation as well. While your goals are important so is your personality.  As with [...]

Keeping Track: What to track2019-02-11T12:46:24+00:00