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June 2019

Stretching is dead


Mobility drills are useless. Stretching is dead. Seriously. No group of athletes stretches more than runners. They stretch pre-run, post run at night and in the morning. They stretch and stretch but their range of motion never seems to improve.  This is not an indictment of running, though endurance sports have a particular characteristic that [...]

Stretching is dead2019-06-04T15:02:11+00:00

May 2019

Movin’ On Up


How to decide to go up levels. We have five levels in every class ranging from white for beginners to orange and blue for intermediates and purple and black for advanced. Where to start is easy. White.  Where to go is obvious. Up.  It’s the when that gives everyone trouble. When to go up isn’t [...]

Movin’ On Up2019-05-14T14:40:36+00:00

How to build a program to get better


Do the simple things first. Its an important maxim that game  changing companies like Instagram were built on. While your ability to do pull ups may not be worth billions the same rule applies. It is easy to get sucked into complicated programs but the best programs to increase skills, especially in beginner and intermediate [...]

How to build a program to get better2019-05-14T12:20:18+00:00

Going Lighter


Way back in 2008  Lisbeth posted the CrossFit Watertown mindset on her blog. It was a list of 11 rules for attitude in her gym. Number 5 was basically I will not quit. Ever.  Not quitting is admirable and in many ways a good thing. But not always. Quitting is giving up before the end. [...]

Going Lighter2019-05-14T07:44:29+00:00

The skill continuum


Big goals are cool.  There is nothing wrong with setting the bar high. They go by a lot of names, BHAG, stretch goals and on and on. They are great in that they provide long term motivation to develop. The catch is though that for almost everyone there is a series of small steps to [...]

The skill continuum2019-05-13T08:14:02+00:00

Learning Skills


Class is one hour long. We have to warm up, we do have to do lift  and we have to condition. While that is  a lot to squeeze in to 60 minutes we usually still have time each day for a skill. There are times when we focus on specific skills for a period. You [...]

Learning Skills2019-05-10T08:08:28+00:00

New fitness cycle


Our goal is to have a level of broad and inclusive fitness. Put another way we want to be ready for all of life’s challenges, to prepare for the known and the unknown, to be strong and fast and yet have the endurance and flexibility to conquer things other people train specifically for. It is [...]

New fitness cycle2019-05-06T11:23:23+00:00

February 2019

Keeping Track: Paper or Digital


Now that we tackled the why of workout tracking in the first post we need to track the how.  There are basically two decisions that have to be made before we begin. The first decision is frequency and content. Decision  two. The format What format you use basically boils down to paper vs electronic. Inside [...]

Keeping Track: Paper or Digital2019-02-11T12:45:07+00:00

Keeping Track: What to track


Journaling is not a one size fits all activity. Some people need to log everything, others need a bare minimum. That decision is partly about your goals as the business school maxim "you manage what you measure" is true in this situation as well. While your goals are important so is your personality.  As with [...]

Keeping Track: What to track2019-02-11T12:46:24+00:00

January 2019

Keeping Track Part 1


Is that a PR? Seems like a simple question but the vast majority of the time when I ask someone, I get a shrug and a I don’t know in response. Journaling or tracking or logging or whatever you want to call it is one of the key pillars to long term success not only [...]

Keeping Track Part 12019-02-04T09:02:04+00:00